Moms Oriental Vase

Volume number one from "The Smile That Changed the World' series is titled 'Moms Oriental Vase,' The release date for this exciting audiobook will be next month, on April 26th!

What would you do if you broke an expensive vase that your mother purchased?

This adventurous audiobook, written by Dominique Simmons, brings readers on a comical and enjoyable journey of a story that involves three young boys who, through one minor accident, went on one extraordinary mission to fix this unforeseen occurrence that seemed to take them on an unimaginable quest they would never have predicted.

As a result of this unexpected misfortune, the two brothers in the story initially intended to save their cousin, who was the source of the accident; however, in an unexpected turn of events, their cousin ended up saving them when it was all said and done. This exciting story has plot twist after plot twist and a continuous sequence of hilarious dialogue to keep you smiling.

This family book is for all ages and audiences.

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